Location Location Location: My Time With Christiana

The pictures are fiiinnaaalllyyyyy here! After 4 good hours of choosing and editing I picked the best shots. This is one of the most adventurous days I have ever had (believe me, at one point I nearly plunged to my death!) Love the fact that the shoot was very calm and relaxing, both of us aren't really into all that high fashion posing and positioning so we were just ourselves: troublemakers *smirks* might upload some behind the scene shots later so you can see all the mischief we got up to.
This might be a picture overload for some, but at least its some eye candy. Mioooow!


Head over heels in love with the turnout, the pictures kinda make me look like I'm an actual cool person in real life. Even though I'm not, I'm a bit of a loser.

Its a hard knock life,
For me.