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(I've had so many blogsposts pending, like sitting in my drafts but yeah it's just been a bit of a nightmare but I'm here now!)

There isn't reaaaaaaaaaally much point in me constantly telling you guys why I'm always away or why I've had to take a break etc..all you guys have to understand is; I'm a Mother LOL.
- That should be more than enough for you to know how tired I get and what my days possibly consist of. However, I have been working really hard on my shop ( which I will properly blog about later) so that's where a lot of my time has been spent alongside lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of technical difficulties *sigh*

Yeah, that's all the information I'll be giving you guys for now.
I got better things to talk aboout, I think this post might be a little chatty..

Sorry I've had to take the picture using my phone, this is due to all those technical difficulties etc. 

'Imma' give you some tips for life, well kinda but you should know what I mean:

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Look After Your Skin
  • Have 'Fun'
  • Stay Smelling Fresh

Stay Hydrated: I actually did not realise how vital it is, like my mum constantly tells me but its like 'okay-yeah-mum-cool' until I thought you know what, let me actually try and drink the recommended dose which is 2 litres I thiiiiiinnnnkkkkkkkk, I do it anyway and try to drink as many bottles of water as I can anyway but the toilet drips MY DAYS there was an occasion where during one days shift, I think I went to the toilet 8 times. *Gulps*
I've been really trying with this and doing well and after I while I actually saw a major difference especially in my skin. I'm not one of those people who are blessed with the skin of a China Doll and you will 100% know when I've been naughty with my snacks because you can see it on my forehead which is the biggest pisstake in life. Anyhoo, the days are getting brighter and warmer so its always important to carry a bottle of water with you just for the sake of your health innit!

Look After Your Skin: This is still something I struggle with, kinda following from the first post I'm really bad with my as I type this post I have a pack of Oreos in my bag, chocolate cake waiting for my in the fridge and Mr Kipling's angels cakes waiting for me to demolish, not to mention my mandatory bowl of sugary Rice Krispies and any other garbage I consume along the way. I'm sure you've got the gist of it right now, not only that (just cracked open my second Crunch Corner so I can eat and type) I ALWAYS fall asleep in my makeup, that's the absolute worse thing to do but I do it anyway for like 2 or 3 consecutive days..I'm realllllyyy bad with my skin but I'm trying slowly getting better. I've started to use mineral water after I heard so much about it I thought why not have a try; as long as it helps to remove make up on the days that I genuinely cannot be bothered to wash my face it must do miracles. So far so good though, it actually feels like pure water and has none of that 'chemically' smell when you use cleansers and all that jazz. So yaaaaaaaa, if you want to use this particular one in the image you can get it from here.

Have 'Fun': [Adult Content Kiddo's] This is the most hilarious story actually..So me and my friend Jen went to the Superdrug press day a little while back (which was bloody fabulous might I add) and we were dazzled by all of the products that were you know, we're looking arouunnddd, taaallkiinngggg, laaauugghhiiinnggg, joookkiiinnnnggg- the usual. Then we look over and we were thinking 'Why the hell are Superdrug going to be showing children's toys at their press day, I swear it's just for like health makeup and all that jazz?' So we walked over to the toys, only to realise they Like grown up toys LOL! So I'm just there giggling when we had a little introduction to it, I'm actually like a child, but I did think the designs were really cool and the names- I'm all for quirkiness in the first place e.g. one of the quotes were like 'Who wouldn't want to get the in bed with a fireman?' *American accent* I'm sorry guurll, but if that ain't funny to you, then you ain't got to go home but you gotta get the hell outts hurr! LOOL. But yeah all you women out thuur, you can cop these from here too and also sold at Superdrug (they aren't the cheapest in the world and not too expensive too to be honest, but if you want to invest in having fun then why not spend a likkle here and there) and make yourself 'Smiiilllleeeee'. Pun VERY intended!

Stay Smelling Fresh: I'm not someone who perspires or lot, or even cares too much about fragrances to frank, but after getting my hands of this body mist/spray I thought to myself 'yeah okay I think I may have got things a little wronnggg'. Smelling nice or just fresh in that case is vital! These super hot summer days can make you sweat and feel all gross then you start walking around thinking you smell of B.O (when you probably don't) then you get more paranoid thinking you stink so you start sweating even more- either way its just a bit of a lose-lose situation HA! So I would just suggest getting something small and cheap that you can just throw in any of your bags when you're up and out of the house and when need be a spray here and a spray there and you're good to go ain't ya?

Bloody hell this post was so long!
But, erm..yeah I kinda cracked open the Oreos;

*Runs away from laptop screen*

Vlog #2 (Rough Days) With My Little *Big* Sister

If you want to watch me torture my little sister raise your left hand!
*Raises hand*

So I made a second attempt to vlog..I'm still not 100% with it all, I feel like they're not as interesting as I want them to be but hey hoe; its all a learning curve innit!

Anyhoo, I'll let you guys watch away instead of reading this post.(Also you guys get to meet me daughter finally! *flutters eyelashes*)

Hope ya like itttttt (:

'Post Baby Body' Appreciation Series


For those who don't know I have a daughter (who's about to turn 7 *sobbing into pillow*. You know when you parents or people who knew you when you were little say 'ohhhh, they grow up so fast' THEY DO, THEY ACTUALLY DO! I can't believe it myself, but yeah let me chillax).

So a lot of the times you see all of these magazine covers with celebrities who have just given birth and then miraculously after 2 weeks their bodies have sprung back into shape because 'apparently' they went on some suicidal diet that melts the fat on their insides and turns it into muscle- side eye.
No, it doesn't work like that, well not for me anyway. Believe it or not I've never stepped in a gym my entire life so I don't really know what tricks and tips I used to lose weight. I guess the main thing is portion control with foods (which I completely suck at) and I used an old African trick of tying a scarf around your stomach to make it flatter; kinda like waist training in a way but yeah..

I took these series of photographs mainly for my personal accomplishments of being content with myself even though my body has been stretched and pulled all over the place LOL! Its all still a work in progress but it also just helps to celebrate the 'normal/average' girl that doesn't fit into the stereotypical western beauty categories. 
- On that note, on social media there was a hashtag and sort of movement going around #unconventionalblackbeauty which celebrated women of colour being content with their flaws and just to be happy with the skin that you're in.

So all you girlies (and guys) should have a try too! Take photos of yourself just because, and celebrate yourself, you're one of a kind and no one can be you, but you!

You're an original babyyyyy!

Vlog #1.5 Pam Pam Launch (Apparently Magazine)

Remember in my first Vlog when I arrived at the Pam Pam London launch and I was filming there? Well I was also 'vlogging' for 
As I mentioned I'm the creative director so I was able to be behind the lens once again for something other than my blog, which can be refreshing every now and then.

Anyhoo, even though this video is now a little bit of a throw back now, I thought it would be nice to upload it just so you lot can see what I got up to that day..especially after my previous post HA!

- This is Pam Pam London's instagram by the way so check them out when you get a minute as they're the first company (in Europe) to ever launch an all female trainer store, so go onnn ladies, getcho groove onnnn: 

I suppose this is a chance for you to see my 'professional' work, and just another side to what I do behind the lens.


Archive Dive: Sweaty Boy Syndrome

 Disclaimer: The piercing isn't real.

I think I must have taken this picture at an ungodly hour because plantain people like me (and by plantain people I mean people with oily skin who look like fried plantain by midday) would without a doubt secrete liters of oil on their faces by the end of the day if they haven't topped up or powdered their faces.

Anyhoo, you can get these fake piercings on eBay for like a pound or even less than that I can't remember. But since it seems to be trending at the moment- not that I'm jumping on the band wagon it's just a quick way to make yourself look different and experiences without the pain or money!

Get busy.