Selling More Babies )':

I know I must confess I'm a hoarder and I find it really hard to let stuff go, but this time its official. I'm slowly drowning in my clothes and they are creeping into my bed. WAAHHHH!

So I guess its moving from my wardrobe to 'Miss Pigeons Wardrobe'
(Just a preview of what has just been added to the wardrobe) *smirks*

^^ YES the infamous DIY Funky Pocket shorts are up for grabs now, as you know they are one of a kind because I made the pockets from scratch, don't know anyone that has these so at least you can say they're 'exclusive' (Gosh my eyes are welling up, seriously!).

I try to sell my stuff at a bargain, because I don't believe in extortionate prices, they annoy me.

Happy shopping and good luck to the lucky ones who get it!
Wiz Woz.