My First Sample Sale

Went to my first sample sale the other day, to be honest I actually had no idea what that was *blushes* but I saw the word SALE and me being a cheap skate, I haaaddd to attend. (I went to the one on Saturday as there were more designers) but on the plus side, I got a chance to mingle, meet some really cool people and look at items that had low prices on them- Hallelujah! At the end of it all I realised a sample sale is actually a place where designers/companies come together to basically 'Get rid of their stock' that's why the prices are next to nothing. Psshh, I need to go to more of these!

Unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to buy anything *sigh* because I had to rush off, but seeing the clothes there were very inspiring, it gave me ideas of outfits I could put together and even some DIY pieces so *fingers crossed* it actually comes out half decent.

- Here are some of the images I took, forgive me the place was actually reaaaalllyyyy dark, so my camera couldn't pick up everything to the best quality, it tried though.

Oh one more thing (below), cupcakes made by The Velvet Couture Bakery also made an appearance. Me, of course having eyes bigger than my belly was attracted to this stand first *covers face* I think parts of me was happy I had no money on me, because if I did, this stand would be the gateway to obesity...I would have bought them ALL! They look to  dammn yummy, even as I type and look at the pictures my mouth is watering #FML! Hahahahahaha.

There were lots more here but because it was so dark I couldn't take as many pictures as I wanted.
I really hope I can go to another one soon, its super cool!

I'll start saving up my coppers from now,