Canon Cold

(50mm Lens- Amazon)

First and foremost, OMG finally got my 50mm lens, was saving for a while and its finally here, words actually cannot describe how my heart is doing backflips right now in my rib cage LOOL!
All my pictures are going to come out immaculate, like the quality of the pics now, I- *Faints*
(I actually used the lens to take this picture and look at how sexy it came out...garrsshhh!)

On the other hand, I have some bad news...IM ILL! *waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh* Ive got a cold, cough, aching joints, soar throat, the whole shabang! So I'm literally dragging
myself around everywhere spreading germs into the horizon, I just want to get better ):

(Check out my dinner last night, vitamins and pain killers. This is not what dreams are made of!)

When I'm fully recovered I'll be back on my feet and blogging away again.

Fingers Crossed.