New Set Of Scratchers

(Nail Polish- American Apparel/Beige, OPI/Glitter)

Very quick post, got my nails done by Nehemiah Pearl Beauty Cafe again, lovely infills because omg, my nails actually grow out every week, so it literally drinks my money. (It really hurts, but it had to be done *sigh*). This time I wanted something kinda different, so I got beige/nude coloured nails with a glitter overcoat, its like subtle but not subtle you know? kinda, sorta...yeah, I'll stop.

Not sure if I want to change up my style to match my nails- smart/sexy/casual, but that's a bit over the top isn't it, and its a bit too cold. I might give it a try anyways and see what happens, *fingers crossed* it doesn't rain too much so I can take some snaps in my garden.