Native Union X Boxpark Launch Party

Haven't blogged in a while because I've been super busy ): But on the plus side I can fill you in with what I've been up to. In one of my older post I talked about my Pop Phone by a brand called Native Union, and from there I got so many questions asking where I got it from and I referred them to their shop online, now...They finally opened up a shop! Its up in Shoreditch and I was so lucky to go along for the launch party as well as being the photographer, it was wicked!

They actually have a little pop up shop in Shoreditch Boxpark which is another cool place and its actually the size of a box, its amazing how so many people managed to fit inside, on top of that there was free booze (even though I don't drink), and nail art done courtesy of Nail Porn...all in all the event went really well and the pictures came out great. *Pow Pow*

- Got loads of pictures, sorry.

If you haven't got a Pop Phone or any of their other gizmos and're missing out.

There There.
*Rubs shoulder*