All Black Tuesdays (Continued)

My 'All Black Tuesdays' are really catching on, even my sister has joined me (even though we both wear all black almost even day of the week). We just had a random day when we decided to take load of pictures; more of them will be uploaded later.

On top of that, I tried to transform this picture from a high quality photograph, to a disposable printout that had been scanned. It was challenging I cant lie, but I think I did an alright job, I hope. I've always loved how disposable camera photos come out and since I haven't had the time to get one myself or keep forgetting, I cheated. Oops!

Remember to click on the picture for better quality.

It was -2 degrees outside, we were cold, but laughing and doing stupid stuff made out body's temperatures warm up I suppose...this was one of very few civilized pictures we took.
 - Oh, and that's red grape juice, not wine.