Disposable Memories

I got a little excited with my whole 'changing a high quality photo to a disposable and scanned in picture' aspect and decided to take it further. Was messing around on Photoshop for hours and I think I've almost mastered it, even though I have a lot more learning to do, and more to experiment with I eager to see what else I can do. For some random reason, I feel like editing my pictures like this feels more personal, as if they were purposely taken to put into photo album. I suppose they mean more now rather than 'just for a blog post'.

 (Necklaces- RFA Beauty Shop)
(NY Jacket- Thrifted, Checkered Shirt- Brutus Trimfit, Jeans- Primark, Vans- Office)

Saved myself a few pence now that I don't have to buy a disposable camera and pay for them to get printed (not forgetting the time and effort scanning them in). Hope you like this effect, might see it a lot more, I can feel an obsession brewing...

And can I just mention my sexy shirt on the first set of pictures please, got it from a brand called Humor. I'm not the biggest fan of colours but this screamed at me, and to be honest the intricate detail is what grabbed my attention, I think it was perfect for the pictures. I couldn't have imagined anything better; utter perfection! 

Makes me feel all 'tropically',