M x 3: Meryl 'Moji May'

You know when you see someone and you think 'You know what, I want to do a photoshoot with you' yeah that. Its been over 2 years since I've wanted to photograph the beloved Meryl Ferrer and it FINALLY happened, probably one of my favourite shoots and definitely a nice way to see off 2012.
- I have seen her photos on some of the most popular tumblrs so I would consider her as a 'Tumblr Celebrity' but she doesn't see it surprisingly *shifty eyes*.

Best part of this day was when we broke into Crystal Palace Football Stadium, well, we didn't reaaaalllyyy break in. We just kinda strolled into an open side gate and took advantage of what we could while they were mowing the grass on the pitch. L O L 

Her tattoo says 'Exhale' in Spanish.

La pequeña mujer hermosa.