New Rings, New Tings

I'm sure by now you have gathered that I'm obsessed with rings, and can't leave the house without them, but after almost a year I actually bought new ones (some of the rings I have all started off gold but because I had worn them so much the colour changed to 'rose gold' which I liked just as much so I kept going with it). I got these rings from RFA Beauty Shop; in case you didn't know there is a jewellery collection too and ASOS bearing in mind that they were on sale thank God! You and I both know I love a good bargain (:

So these are my everyday rings (literally 7 days a week I have these on) I can't even remember where I bought then all from, it ranges from Debenhams to Birmingham Market *blushes*.
'Ringlet'- RFA Beauty Shop, Triple Ring Set- ASOS
 I only got these because they had been reduced to £4.00 *dances on ceiling*.

Its always good to try something new once in a while, you never know, this might now become my everyday jewellery.

We'll see,
Zip Zap.