Kneecaps (Outfit 2)

I've actually done a blog post before under the title of 'Baggy Jeans' when I wore a very similar outfit to this. Weird how I was close to throwing these jeans away too so I tore up the knees to see if it would make a difference and baby, they're keepers! Just like the previous outfit I wore the same old shirt but switched up the accessories, makes a big difference I think. Simple and stylish, you could literally roll out of bed and put this outfit together (shout out to all the lazy bums out there) Hahaha.

- My Fur's been sitting in my wardrobe since September 2011 and I haven't brought it out until this month, crazy isn't it? Actually forgot how sexy it was but I'm very ssslloowwwllyyyy getting used to it. (Its real animal fur though, I know, I know but, yeah) Its a risk I'm going to have to take can't let my £10 go to waste!

(Fur Coat- Thrifted, T-Shirt- Primark, Jeans- 'Hand Me Down', Shoes- Faith, Necklace- Thrifted)

Same old clothes, just a different day.
Work itttttttt!