DIY: Manicure Madness

I should have really posted this up earlier, not quite sure why I didn't but yeah. If you've followed my blog long enough you'd see that I've had false nails on and off all the time, this time I made it a point of duty to put them on and actually maintain them, then this came to mind:

'Why the hell should I keep going to get my infills done and pay £10+ each time when I can find a nail kit and learn to do them myself?'
- The nail shops used to drink and urinate out my money considering I needed to get them done every 2 weeks, ultimate pisstake.

So I had a look around online and I found a really good kit on eBay, its an Acrylic nail kit though so it comes with false nails, the powders, chemicals- basically the whole shabang. After buying it, I went to the shop to get my nails done professionally just to get me started and then the rest is all my own doing...

(Nail Polish- Topshop

That's my first every attempt, I still need an awful lot of practice to perfect it, but I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome. All I can say is buying the kit was definitely worth the money (oh it was only £15)!

Another day, another dollar- or pound saved,



  1. Great job and i love the colour of the nail varnish!

  2. Looks gorge
    S xx

  3. I'm planning to start doing mine myself as well. Love that polish colour!