Foxtrotting: Pure London

Yeah I know I should apologise for being away for so long, but I'm not going to Muhahahahah!
- Joking, Sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I've been engrossed in uni work, as usual and I haven't been too well recently either so it was all about R.E.S.T now with a bit of energy I'm up and running again *woop woop*)

Anyhoo, I cant remember if its once or twice a year but Pure London was up and running again so I thought I'd give it a little view to see what was popping. Have to be honest it was a bit pants compared to the last time I went so I was a bit dissapointed the atmosphere was nice though as always, very calm and 'posh', but hey hoe its a good experience all in all, I guess it just inspired me more than anything...don't have any pictures of my outfit on the day but it was a Tuesday so you know what that means: All Black.

There's going to be quite a few pictures, just saying.

I actually felt like some sort of executive just because of a badge, talk about saddo.
 How the hell are you suppose to walk in these?!
I got a lot more goodies than this, just didn't photograph it all, yeah that's probably why I love going to Pure London; the freebies are the bees knees!

See what I did there?
(Just did it again) OWW!


  1. WOW all looks so amazing
    S xx

  2. Hi, how did you get a pass to pure?