My Badgyal £2 Findings!

I think I'm getting better at this, strolled to my local charity shop with only £4 (my sister doubted I would find anything) but I had hope. With my eye of the tiger I was blessed to find such beauties, honestly I don't know how I get so lucky. Gosh! The two things I managed to find I had been looking for them for SO long you have no idea, I now completely understand the term 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Took a quick trip to underwater world.
 Then I stumbled across this:

Not entirely sure if I'm going to wear anything else, might as well sell all my clothes now.


I'm a happy bunny.


  1. You're so lucky!!
    Love the first
    S xx

  2. I can't believe this! You got the Yankees Jersey for £2! I actually need to start going into charity shops more often