Lucky Sod

So for no apparent reason I decided to go to the my local charity shop just 'because'. It was looking a bit boring until I walked over to the mens section, to my surprise I saw a pair of shoes wink at me. It quickly escalated into provocative gestures so as I walked over towards them, they jumped right off the shelf and into my you guys already know I'm far to kind to neglect a pair of shoes that could potentially have a good home so today 'I was a good Samaritan'.


I actually can't believe how lucky I am (well I kind of can because miraculously I always find these good things but you know) its just a shock really to know that there was a company out there who created such sexy brogues in my size, its unreal.

 Don't mind me, just casually laying down on my little sister's bedroom floor taking pictures of my feet; it's normal. (Yes, I was flat on my back. How sad am I?)

This will without a doubt be added to my uniform, I can't stop staring at them. *Melts*

- Oh yeah, they were £5.


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  1. These are gorgeous!!
    You always get such great finds
    S xx