Sunday Blues

(Don't worry, the title doesn't mean I'm depressed or anything, I just tried to be clever because its a Sunday and my trainers are blue *sigh*).

But yeah, today was nothing special, you can't really wear what you want because its far too hot. So luckily as its later in the day its a tad cooler and the sun was still up, I thought why not do a quick post. And omg, I cant even remember the last time took pictures of myself in my back garden, it was SOOO awkward you have no idea, almost foreign to me but hey hoe, I need to force myself to get used to it because sometimes having others take pictures of you all the time is mission impossible.

Believe it or not, I don't actually like being in front of the camera that much.
Kinda dumb because I have a blog right? Right.
- So this is my outfit for today;

Top- Thrifted, Denim Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Trainers- Nike Cortez, Necklace- Gift
I don't normally do close ups, but I after months and months I finally decided to have another go at doing my nail infills. I got really lazy after some time and kept going to get them done but come to think about it I was just pouring money down the drain. So after very carefully studying my Vietnamese nail technician I learned everything that I need to and voila, they almost look professionally done! Oh I bought my nail kit from eBay by the way, I think it was around £15, but make sure you buy your own brush because the one it comes with is abominable!
(Still have one more pair tucked away in my wardrobe, you've already seen the black ones).


Just keep it simple I suppose.

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  1. Such a cool little simple outfit
    S xx