Rascals X The Candy Store A/W Collection Launch Partyyyyy

Well I explained in the last post that I had been a bit lazy uploading stuff so the next couple of posts will be soorrtt of throwbacks..
Anyhoo! My badgyal Umps (Owner of Apparently Magazine) and Mr Kojey Radical invited me to come along to this really cool launch party, so weird because I had never heard of the brand before but when I saw their stuff it was like OOOO______OOOO I'm 100% convinced that it will rob me of all my pound sterling because its so cool *cries*.

It was so chilled there, good music, good vibes, good drink. The whole shabang; It would have been a crime to not bring my fish eye lens, because..everything looks cooler with a fish eye lens.

*Picture Overload Warning* (Don't know why I warn you guys but hey hoe)

 I was already tipsy by this point..

You missed out!

Check them out here if they light you fire:


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