DIY: Jumper, To Crop Top, To Headscarf

The motto is, 'When cutting clothes (almost) nothing gets left behind'.

Let me show you step by step how I transformed and ordinary jumper into a crop top and headscarf.
#LEGGO :/ How cheesy.  

As you can see I already cut the jumper in the shape of the crop top I wanted.
(This is the easiest part, well I think anyway, just make sure you have a good pair of scissors for cutting your clothes).


This is how it came out, very simple. It kind of looks like a vintage crop top, just made it look snazzy by rolling up the sleeves. (:
All that's left is to plan the perfect outfit to go with it.

 Time to make your headscarf! So to start, using the material left at the bottom of the jumper, cut along the seem at one side and open out (shown above).

Lets begin…

Tie the 'scarf' around your head in the position you want.

You can have a quick 10 second break, hahaa.

 With the material that is left hanging in the from tuck into one side, smoothly, to prevent bumps and to keep it even/equal on both sides.

Do the same with the opposite side trying to make sure both sides look the same.

(My editings skill are horrid tonight, maybe because the time was 3 o'clock am, ungodly hours. Sorry guys).

And there you have it, that's actually it, good thing because turbans and hair-ties are a YES YES YES for summer 2012. 
All thumbs up!

You don't always have to use jumpers, I usually use t-shirts, but I just wanted to show you how simple it is to make these. In a strange way it helps to be economical because you're not throwing away wads of fabric, and you are doing further recycling, go youuuuu *claps*

Try not to throw stuff away, just see if you can make anything out of it.

Hope you try and give it a gooooooooooo!

*Walks Off Stage To The Left*