Camouflaged At The Disco

Random (C R A P P Y) pic, kinda went for a 'Mr T' look with all the chains on. Bought a random vest top almost a year ago, and cut it too short so I never wore it out. Now I've bought more high-waist clothes, it makes it a lot easier to pull off.

But if you want to go for the safer option, you could wear a nice 'boob tube' under it- that's how I wear it sometimes. (Its always nice to have something wild under the vest top so its a real treat for the eyes hahaa).

You might see this top more and more *fingers crossed*

(Vest Top- Thrifted/DIY, Disco Pants- American Apparel)

Well that was me some time last year wearing the same vest top and a clashing boob tube underneath-
In actual fact its not a boob tube...its a mini skirt. (*me gusta smile*) <--- Tumblr/9gag users would know all about that! 

L O O L.

Damn, I need sleep.