Inspired By Miss Sara Farzoughi

So I have this friend called Sara (who's really hot by the way *wipes forehead*) and I think she was tagged in a picture or something, so I was like 'Alright, let me enlarge this' then I saw her ensemble that was just the bangerrss! Hahahaa.

- Then I had one of those 'Ohhhh yeaahhhh, I forgot I had that in my wardrobe' moments, so I guess this outfit was inspired by her then (she pulled it off much better than me though), I'm not a Swagger Jacker or something *cough* I just find anyone/anything inspiring when it comes to fashion, and I guess in this instance it was one of my friends. (:

(Shirt- Thrifted, Belt-'My Mothers Warbrobe'/Vintage, Shorts- Thrifted/DIY)

(Thats her on the right...I told you shes hot! And her friend is too. *flutters eyelashes*)

Thanks Sara! <3