DIY: Funky Pockets (Trial & Error/Experiment)

GOOD NEWS: Just bought my sewing machine the other day its sooooooooo amazing and a frigging bargain too! (*Brushes dirt off shoulders*)
- That means, I will probably have L O A D S more DIY ideas and ways to spice up your wardrobe- *Fingers & toes crossed*

Anyhoo, literally on the spot I have this idea to mess around with some denim shorts that I had and change the pockets, its not really that good. But it was my first ever attempt, so I will definitely be doing this again and when I have mastered it I will do a post and share it with you.
Because I actually made the pockets from scratch. Painful, but worth it.

Well here they are! :D

Tried two different techniques, one with black denim, and the other with fake fur. (Wouldn't wear them out though) it was just a tester, came out pretty cool.

Cant wait to make more!
*Crazy Arms*