Extraterrestrial Rain

(Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge, Hoodie- Primark, T-Shirt- BARCO Authentic, Leggings- American Apparel, Creepers- Camden Town, Checkered Shirt- Thrifted)

This was probably one of the scariest and quickest shoots I've ever done. Since English weather is so pants! I had to run outside when the rain died down take pictures then run back inside.
- My heart was racing because my baby/camera was at steak, the things I do for love. *Sigh*

Remember I said I keep wearing black, yeah I haven't stopped. I don't know whats wrong with me, but I thought 'hey hoe' I started the week blacked out so imma finish playyyaaaa!
(Even though I spiced it up with the shirt around me waist, made me feel like I was a member of TLC or something. LOOL!) 

Don't go chasing waterfalls because you'll get wet.