DIY: Lets Make Some Ombre Style Mini Shorts


In order to get the dip-dye effect, I filled my sink with bleach (and a bit of water to dilute the bleach because it would be too strong and dangerous.) Then I placed just the top part of the jeans- well as much as I wanted to dye into the solution, and literally waited until it got to the colour I wanted. 
The longer you leave it, the lighter the denim will become.

 (At this point the denim is still wet, so when it dries it will be even lighter)
Well this is the end result, pretty straight forward. Just make sure you wash your jeans thoroughly to remove any sources of bleach and because the jeans will still have a strong smell too which is slightly sickening, Yuk.

 These are the things you will need to create your mini shorts: 
Fabric shears/ Sharp scissors
Scalpel or very sharp knife

  1. Cut the shorts to the length you want. (Make sure you try them on and measure properly, best this to do is fold the jeans in half to make sure both legs are cut the same length).

(Just wanted mine a little shorter *Smirks*)

2. Use your scalpel to scratch the edge of the shorts, this will cause it to fray and give it a more distressed/vintage look. (This could take some time, I was there for about 30 minutes- yawwwn!)

3. With your sandpaper rub it vigorously over the frayed edge of your shorts, this will give it an extra 'umph' and make it look more natural I guess, basically smooths the edges-literally. Hahaha! 

As you can see whilst making my shorts I had a little accident with the scalpel *Sigh*
So handle with care especially when using sharp objects.
(I know you might think I'm stating the obvious, and 'it wont happen to you' but that's exactly what I thought until now *wipes tears*).


I hope you are just as happy with yours as I am with mine, Im going to wear them almost every day!

Get you legs out for the lads!! (Cockney Accent)