RFA Beauty In Camouflage

So I bought a camouflage jacket a few days ago, and it was far too big, was soooo close to throwing it away but I thought 'Let me just give this to my older sister, it would probably fit her better' and it actually did.

Gave her more of an edgy affect (and for those who go on tumblr enough, you'll understand why 'camo' is such a big deal...bring on the nnnoooottheeesss!)

(Camouflague Jacket- Thrifted, Shirt- Thrifted, Leather Leggings- Topshop, Nike Blazers- Footasylum)

 Rachel Adegeye is RFA Beauty

Don't judge me its my 'Im just going down the road to the corner shop' swag, hahaha. Well apparently me and my sister look alike... 

I see nothing.