Merlin's T-Shirt (Bleach Obsessed)

I know I said the T-shirts were going to be for men but 'I couldn't help it, its soooo beautiful!' so I decided to make another one for myself, I guess now they're unisex. WOOOOP! *Dougies*

Using the exact same bleaching technique as the previous post, just sprayed away (was a bit dangerous though because I did it at night, then got into a fight with a snail -_____-). 

Wanted to go for a plain Jane look as the shirt already has so much going on, also a burst of colour with the blue heels-

- You know what? (What?) I'm NOT going to tell you where I bought the shoes from, you want to know why? (Why?) because they S U C K, honestly theeeee worst pair of shoes I have in my wardrobe, they're a health hazard and I nearly fell over like 4 times trying to take these pictures. One false move in these shoes...and its a wrap. Wouldn't wish it on anyone! Grrrrrrrr.

(T-Shirt- DIY, Jeans- Primark, Sunglasses- Ebay)

I call this, the 'Bleached Galaxy' look.

Yeah, I like that,