DIY: 30 Second Tee

Ive seen skin tight crop tops in a lot of high street stores recently especially places like Topshop and American Apparel and to be honest they are overpriced!

So in the morning I thought to myself (hell yeah the weather is sexy and I don't want to wear much clothes *smirks*) but I also really wanted a crop top that wasn't 'baggy' since most of the ones that I make are from old t-shirts. 

...I'm pretty sure that almost every girl has an old 'long sleeved tight Primark top' that they probably wear under their clothes or to bed so in 30 seconds, or even less I got a hold of my fabric scissors and *snip snip snip away* just cut it to the length you would like, and make the sleeves a bit longer that you want so you can roll it up (to prevent people seeing the areas where it was cut), then BAM!
Always looks veerrrryyy hot with a pair of high waist shorts.

Nothing more,