University Dance Project

(First of all I want to apologize again for taking soooooo long to blog, as you can probably tell its exam/assessment time for everyone so the stress levels are through the roof! That's why I haven't really been able to do much on here *sigh* I'll try my best to be on here more, fingers crossed).

- Well, the reason behind my stress was because our module was to create a garment for a dancer for their show at the Horniman Museum. I think it turned out realllyyy good, people worked their asses off and the dancers seemed to like the costumes too so it was a win-win situation (:

Here are some pictures from the show: (this may be a picture overload for some, sorrryyyyyyyy).

 Mastermind 'Rhianne Middleton' at work.
 One of the designers with her dancer/garment.
So I got a bit lucky and wanted to try on part of the costume.
 (This was the garment that I made *blush*)

These are a few of the garments, some dancers had two changes of costumes but I didn't get a chance to take more pictures- I may add to this post later if the photos on my laptop will co-operate.

Just wanted to give you an insight to what I'm getting up to and what is taking up my time </3

 So here it is (:
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