DIY: Lets Make Some Funky Pockets

I told you I was going to make some more so I tried another fabric and different shapes for the pockets this time...some 'Camo' since people are obsessed with it now for some reason *shrugs* I may do some Youtube tutorial videos on how to make them, but that will be later on in the summer when I have mastered motion pictures. I also made the shorts from scratch/a pair of old jeans the other day, (well at 6.30am) so the whole shabang is DIY. Just thought to wear all black again and throw on a pair of transparent converse so all the focus would be on my behind! *Smiirrrkksss*

(Shirt- Thrifted, Belt- Thrifted, Mini Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Beanie Hat- Thrifted, Transparent Converse- JD, Bag- Ted Baker)
 (The pockets are suppose to be 'wonky' just in case you thought I made a mistake, hahaaa.)

I think these ones came out better than the last.