DIY: Studdin'

Had a bag of these studs for over a year now and didn't know what to do with it so I thought it would be wise to start somewhere. Already studded some denim shorts a while ago but never tried any other fabric than denim.

(This is how they look when they arrive)

What I did was simple, stud around the neck area with as many studs you like (or different shapes depending on which ones you purchase) and that's it, really.
- I bought a top that was quite small for me so I just cut it in half to make a crop top, they seem to be a hot trend at the moment so snip awayyyyy!

(Shirt- Thrifted/DIY, Disco Pants- American Apparel, Checkered Shirt- Thrifted, Trainers- H&M)

Like I said earlier I wanted to go down the tomboy road so I'm taking baby steps, I think the shirt around the waist is what gives the outfit and extra 'oomph' and compliments the grey in a strange way.

Try it out, no effort needed.
Zoop Zoop.