Poka Dots & A Beanie

I have to admit first of all, yes- I stole my mothers jumper. (It was years ago, I fell in love with it and had to take it. *sigh*)

Haven't worn it in ages but I though 'why not?' you probably cant see it properly but I have a pink neon vest top underneath with gives the outfit a pop of colour because its quite dark as a whole. Teamed it up with a black beanie hat, which I'm actually going to start collecting, I aim to have at least 10 different colours by the end of the summer, so you might just see more of them in pictures to come. (To be honest, I've seen a few people wear hats similar to mine and tell me its from American Apparel but knowing me…I am NOT going to spend £17 on hat, I just go for the cheaper option: Ebay.) Muhahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

(Jumper- Vintage, Neon Vest Top- H&M, Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Beanie Hat- Ebay, Creepers- Camden Town, Side Bag- Topshop)
(Gone back to black hair now, kinda had enough of the brown. Want to keep it simple this time around…well try to anyways.)

Contemplating on whether or not I should change my 'style/swagger'. Thinking to go down the 'tomboy' road but I'm not too sure, might just try out a few outfits and see how it goes. Don't worry I'll throw in some sexiness too :P

*Looks at watch*