Feature In 'Nuflex' Magazine

Sooooo over the moon!

Myself and my blog got featured in an online magazine called 'Nuflex' I feel extremely humbled, I didn't even consider any of this (like by blog, or my poxy little DIY tips) a big deal but it seems to be hahaha! Feel like a celebrity now :P

Here is the link to the full magazine, http://nuflexmag.co.uk/nuflex-magazine/#.T6Kx-j1EAnk.twitter
And a snapshot of the pages I was featured in:

This is what they said about me: (*blushes and runs under duvet*) 


- Then again, I couldn't have got any kind of recognition without the viewers/followers so I just want to say a big:
T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U! <33333333333333333

Love you guys man.