Streetwalker: Flatform Kicks

Sooooooo, I went for a pit stop in central London and accidentally fell inside Office (I think it was gravity that suddenly changed its dimension which caused me to involuntarily enter the store in order to balance out the universe, meaning I potentially saved mankind!) buuttt I saw these trainers if that's what you call them or shoes I'm not sure, and they screamed my 1st name, middle and surname- told me a sob story about how lonely they are in the stockroom and how they would do anything for a new home. So be being such a kind, loving person gave them that chance. 

*Sigh* The things I do for love ay? HAHAHHAHAHAAA!

Love them sooooo much, my new sweethearts (I'm even wearing them as I type) and they seem to compliment every outfit, I hope they don't spoil too soon from me over-wearing them.

Zoop Zoop.