Smile: Count It All Joy

A frown is a weapon upon your face.
Case; murder trial
Looking through your files.
Nobody has seen that smile in a while
And if your lawyer makes an objection
Then he's in denial.
Drowned in tears, you threw the one sign of happiness into the river Nile.
Boyfriend problems but you couldn't go on Jeremy Kyle.

If you're not careful the judge is going to throw you the book.
Hooked on to the past
Cut up from it like you tread on smashed up pieces of glass
Left you broken, fractured, memories immobilised into a cast.
Blast forward into the future and take that once in a lifetime chance.
Dance and smile as if you're on a getaway holiday,
It rehabilitates the soul and gets the lot up off your plate.

It’s hard to relate,
When I'm on the borders of a province and your life is in a state.
I'm telling you to be encouraged
Yet if I was in your situation, would I even have mustard seed faith, or will I hide in a cave?
Because when I'm down in the dumps, it can't be missed, the penalty shock is seen on my face.
Like sweat drops on her skin from sensual grinding in a rave.

Initially I was planning to give you some space
However I knew you needed to be uplifted, rocket.
Only negative interest builds upon a depression deposit.
Ice cream with a rom-com set bring adipose tissue profit.
The technical team says you're bound to plug into better days, socket.
Learn from this, discern with it but don't use it as a keepsake within a locket.
Stand up child; get excited about the ventures of today and remove your hands from your pocket.

Dele ‘DeleWrites’ Osunsami

Just thought I would bless you guys with some inspirational words, I think he may be one of my favourite poets, have to admit- poetry wasn't something I indulged in that much, but after reading some of his work and watching him perform live, my mind has changed dramatically, I'm in love. <---- Check out his blog with some of his other work. *dances around camp fire*