DIY: Asian Inspired Head/Hair Jewellery

After seeing a lot of photos around the internet I became really intrigued by a lot of the head accessories that people are wearing now. Due to my laziness I couldn't be bothered to search (or spend money) and I just so happened to save broken jewellery and bits and bobs because I'm strange like that :/ then I thought why not try to make my own? So I did (:

And I'm going to show you how I did it, this is stuuuppiiddllyyy easy its a cool way to recycle broken necklaces/jewellery too!

'Taa Daaaa'

What you will need:
  • End of a necklace (of your choice) ensuring it has a loop at the top
  • Broken part of a necklace or even bracelet
  • A hair grip

I'm sure you have  gathered what the next step is, just put the part of the necklace through the loop.

 Lastly, slide the hair grip through the ends of the necklace to hold it together, then try it out to make sure it fits. If it doesn't, just break/snap the necklace or bracelet until its small enough to fit and hold in your hair.

For some reason I feel like my explanations were a bit pants :/ but from the pictures I hope it helps enough *fingers crossed*

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