Statement Jewellery

So, RFA Beauty Shop have made this one off matching necklace & ring set and OMG I am sooo happy its in my life, like every time I see it I just want to collapse, I love it so much I actually have to hide it away in my wardrobe so I don't keep touching it. I don't think you understand the love I actually have for it, my heart skips a beat whenever I see it! *Deep Breath*

Okay, count to 10...

This post was suppose to be a about statement jewellery, but I just needed to express myself a little, anyhoo I've kinda gathered that most outfits could always do with a little 'bling' that would say "Yeah that's right everybody, turn around and look at me!" hahahaha, this can be done by wearing over-sized earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings, the bigger the better (yeah I'm smirking) but be careful not to go overboard because you might end up looking like a Christmas tree -____- not a good look at all. Its always good to experiment with jewellery even if its not always for you, at first it might seem a bit strange and scary, but if you keep at it you will eventually grow into your confidence and be able to work it mmmhhhhmmmm!

(This is the latest addition to my collection)
 Sorry, I took this picture after midnight when I got home from my sisters birthday party...I was a wreck, But the necklace! *faints x6*

Oh yeah, I changed my hair again, the picture doesn't really show it properly but I've had enough of it long. Just wanted it out of my face, there's actually a little surprise at the back, I'll show a picture later on :P
 This is the matching ring to go with it, just a quick snap from my instagram (@mariapigeon) I needed to show the world how cool this ring is. ^___^

The simplest things can make the biggest difference,
So go on, give it a know you want to.