DIY: 5 Minute Snip Away

I'm sure you guys already know I have a slight obsession with scissors, so here is another way you can jazz up your clothes.
- This one is mainly for people (like me) who enjoy wearing crop tops but don't really want to reveal their stomachs or have their belly buttons on show.

I basically bought a vest top from a charity shop that appeared to be a string vest attached to a normal vest top under: Which is the first picture, and luckily someone previously felt lucky and chopped the bottom off which was more helpful for me than them. ^__^

The next step is toooo simple, just turn the vest top inside out/seperate the two materieals, measuring and marking where you want to cut the actual top (not the string!) then *snip snip snip*
That's it.

This is how it turned out, pretty cool right? You could wear it with jeans, (in this picture I'm wearing really old jeggings from H&M) shorts high waist or not, a skirt...literally anything!

Oh, and for those who like the idea but do not have a top like the one I'm wearing, you could simply cut a normal vest stop and purchase a cheap string vest to wear over- Voila!