POP Goes My iPhone!

OMG! I think I've got one of the coolest products known to mankind, its far more than a statement piece and has my name written alllllll over it: Its by a brand called Native Union and they are called POP Phones...

(You can just plug them into your iPhone, Blackberry's, Computer, Laptops and other devices...L.O.V.E!)

(Instagram: @mariapigeon)

I know I'm going to get an awful lot of stares, but let them look at me I will walk down the street loud and proud! They come in loads of different colours (and they have the CUTEST Hello Kitty ones too). I'm sure there is a colour to match everyone's personality, from Block/Neon/Transparent/Chrome/Animal Print- basically the whole shabang!

If you are a dare devil...I would get one too,