Rich London PR

*Deep breath* I haven't been this happy and motivated in such a long time because I'm sure the Big Man Upstairs loves me that much!

Basically I got an internship with Rich London PR, I didn't even think I would get the job, and it was very 'spur of the moment' something in me just said apply for it and I did...Ive only just started working there but in the short time I have learned sooooo much its actually unreal. Ive also learned to be humble because I have been so used to being my own boss and telling myself what to do that now I'm here its opened my eyes a bit more and made me realise 'You HAVE To Work Your Way To The Top, From The Bottom Up!' It doesn't just come to you on a platter. Being here is a real motivation booster too, because as well as working for them, I am a Stylist too (in case you didn't know) I can go to them and be provided with clothes and props so its wicked! WINS ALL ROUND!

(Instagram: @mariapigeon)

All of you stylists/musicians/people aiming for fame: Rich London is the place to hit up!
(I've never in my life met a group of people so welcoming, and lovely...They can DEFFO hook you up, they've got some of the coolest brands there; You'll love it!)