The Condom Dress

I think this is probably one of the weirdest titled posts I have ever used, but in a way its relevant...kinda. (Alright well one of my friends used it to describe the shape of a dress once and I sort of stole it and stuck with it ever since, caught your attention didn't it? *Smirks*).

Haven't done a post like this in ages, its almost foreign to me, but I got a bit paranoid that you guys were getting sick of all the other posts I had put up, so its back to basics (:
This dress is a kind of DIY type thing, as the dress I've had for like 2 years and it was a 'proper' maxi dress, touching my feet all floaty and everything- I just sewed in the sides and chopped off the bottom! I would usually wear them with a nice pair of sandals, but this time around I wanted to experiment with trainers, still kept it simple, the dress is the eye candy...oh yeahhh!

(Maxi Dress- New Look/DIY, Nike Blazers- Office)

Erm yeah, after all this time the freezer is still there, but it went away today I swear!

I'm not joking...or am I?