DIY: How To Turn A Maxi Dress Into A Bodycon 'Condom' Dress

Firstly I'm actually quite shocked to be doing this post because it was quite unexpected, an 'anonymous' on my Tumblr ( asked if I could do a step by step tutorial on how I made my 'condom dress' so I thought why not as it would probably benefit more than one person. (Y)
- Unfortunately I wasn't able to use my actual dress as I didn't think I would even get to this point, it was more or less trial and error, which kinda worked out okay so I've had to find a picture on google as close to my dress as I possible and use photoshop to show you what I did *blushes* Hope it helps!

 What you will need:
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Tailors Chalk/Chalk (Basically, anything that will show up on the fabric)
Note: During this process you have to constantly try on the dress after every step to ensure it fits your body shape and to make sure you're on the right track!

 Step 1: Turn the dress inside out and spread it out (with absoloutly no creases) on a flat surface- the floor is usually your best bet.

 Step 2: Using your tape measure and chalk, mark either from the bottom of the armhole or the start of the hips. From there draw a straight line down to the bottom of a dress and using a sewing machine- literally sew up the line!

 Step 3: (Hopefully you have tried it on by this point) Once satisfied, cut off the excess fabric making sure you don't cut too close to the stitched line. By now the dress should already be figure hugging and looking a whole lot sexier. *Smirks*

 Step 4: The choice is yours, this is where you decide how long/short you want your dress so snip, snip, snip away to the length you desire.
(Quick tip: Roll the bottom of the dress back up on itself so the cut edge isn't showing, from there hand stitch both sides of the dress to hold the roll in place...this will just make it look that extra bit neat and tidy)

Step 5: (Optional) If the dress doesn't fit- as in 'its not tight enough' above is just a demonstration of how you should mark the dress again and sew it to give it that extra umph. 
Keep repeating this last step until you are completely happy with the way it fits!

Well that's it I guess, 4.5 easy steps to turn your maxi into a slender eye catching, jaw dropping dress hahaha!

Takeaways: Always take into consideration the type of fabric the dress is, the best to use (which is the one I used) was made of jersey- the 'stretchy' one because it doesn't fray when cut, and its just an all round easy  fabric to use, thumbs up.

D O N E 

Good luck if you actually give it a go (tweet me pictures or something I dunno, I want to see progressssss loool).

Smiles (: