Checkered Shirts & Denim (Part 1)

Back in 09' I could have proudly given myself the title as 'King' of checkered shirts, after a while it actually became uniform and my trademark. All I ever wore was checkered shirts with leggings or jeans (all vintage shirts of course!), after a while I actually became a bit sick of them and haven't properly wore them since...until now.

Sooooo a brand called Brutus Trimfit reignited the flame in my heart, their shirts are 'Oh So British' and the Classic Tartan, ohhhh gosshh thats why it had to step into my life, its like we were in a relationship you know? Yeah! 
-I'm pretty sure you can tell where the I got the inspiration for my outfit from; Its only right.

(Jacket- Vintage, Shirt- Brutus Trimfit, Jeans- Primark, Creepers- Camden Town, Ring- Topman)

I know I look sad and depressed, but I'm not. I tried to erm, look 'tough' for the picture, yeah...*walks away from laptop and tucks self into bed*

Part two coming soon, 
(Its nothing special but hey hoe).