Checkered Shirts & Leather (Part 2)

Tried to go for a completely different look this time to show that checkered shirts can actually be catered for more than one occasion, this is the 2nd shirt I got from Brutus Trimfit so I teamed it up with a vintage leather skirt (which I'm wearing it backwards solely for the fact that I am slightly obsessed with the slit in the front- dont judge. The skirt looks just as good front or backwards!)oh and stolen footwear from my mothers wardrobe (:

I actually think the outfit look quite cool, may seem like random bits and bobs thrown together but if you have the courage I think it can be easily pulled off, woop woop!

(Shirt- Brutus Trimfit, Leather Skirt- Vintage, Belt- Vintage, Shoes- Vintage)

Sorry most of the stuff I have on is vintage, so I cant specify exactly where it's from...I'm sure you would be able to snatch up something similar from your local charity/vintage shop. *Flutters eyelashes*

Good Luck!

(Oh yeah this is my 100th post, weird because it doesn't feel like it at all...hugs and kisses to all the readers who have kept up to date from the very start *wipes tears* I didn't even think it would be this successful to be honest it started off fun, and now I'm reaching 10,000+ views, DAMN SON!)