Dip In The Pool

 (Leather Jacket- Vintage, Swimming Costume- Vintage, Denim Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Belt- Vintage, Shoes- Topshop)
 Jacket got me feeling like Michael Jackson up in huuurr'!

I know that summer has come to an end but I'm trying to soak up every bit of sunlight I can *blushes*.
Recently I've seen a lot of photos of girls who scurry along to American Apparel buy a swimming costume and wear it as a top/leotard...surprisingly it looks very good so I though I might give it a go. I wasn't really too keen on burning a hole in my purse so I bought a costume from a vintage shop- at least that way if it doesn't work out I know I didn't spend too much money WOOP! Oh, make sure you wash it after purchase even though its clean, and I wore knickers with it also just for extra comfort. 

Random Thought: I follow quite a few blogs and I gathered that a lot of the outfits they put together aren't too casual so I'm here thinking 'when the hell am I ever going to wear something like this to an event?!' That's why I try keep is as casual as I can with a hint of sexiness *smirks* or just to make it edgy so I don't inspire you guys to look plain Jane. 
But if you would like to see me in other outfits, or have any suggestions (i.e. What would you wear with a white shirt for an interview?), I'll be more than happy to put something together and do a post on it! Email, Tweet, Message Me!


Even though posts might not be as frequent, I will try as hard as I can
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