OOARD (Outfit Of A Random Day)

Im soo sorry guys I haven't been able to post, I've gone back to uni this week and they have already bombarded me with work ):
- Now is the time I really have to practice my time management skills, and try my best to keep my blog updated, on the plus side here is what I wore today:

(Leather Jacket-Miss Selfridge, Mohair Jumper- Vintage, Leggings- American Apparel, Trainers- Adidas/Thrifted)

Instagram: @mariapigeon

Just something simple but I thought it looked kinda snazzy, a pop of colour always does the trick sometimes when you want to brighten up a dark outfit, although this mohair jumper is SUPER itchy (not to much colour of course, try to keep it to at least one item of clothing especially if its a casual look). But erm yeah, that's it. Kinda short and sweet, not much needs to be said.

Oh and if you were wondering, the lipstick I'm wearing is Sleek: Heartbreaker 'Matte'.
*Blows kisses*