Interning At RFA Beauty

This is the start of a new era...seriously.
(Need to apologise AGAIN for not blogging as much, but I promise I will try to keep up with the posts again).

Anyhoo, Ive actually starting interning at RFA Beauty from now up until December basically so the amount of projects we are doing are horrendous, I've definitely for my work cut out for me! Its been like the 2nd day and I'm already exhausted believe me. Words cant describe how happy I am because as well as being at work, I can do whatever I want in terms of being creative- absolutely no pressure. 
Keep you eyes peeled

Big Tings A Gwarn!
*Jumps out of window*

 Oh yeah, got myself some new specs. Wanted something different, a little 'geeky' I suppose but I guess they will grow on me.
(A few pictures to show you what I'm working with)

If you didn't guess by now, there a little jewellery obsession going on- that's not all of it by the way, its actually crazy; even though I'm extremely jealous hahahaa :P

- Just wanted to wet your appetites...

Much more to come!
*Fingers Crossed*