Rich London Press Day!

Before I even begin to type, I just need to let you guys know that there are A LOT of photos that are going to be featured in this post;

- So, I don't want to say too much but I was really lucky to help out with Rich London PR on their first ever press day that they held at the Phoenix Pub in Oxford Circus. It was the first press day I had ever been to and was actually wicked! I got the opportunity to help out which later became a great chance to meet knew people and just to be in a completely different atmosphere to be honest. (Word on the street says it was the best press day some people had attended *woop woop*) Its a shame that some of you didn't make it but I took a bucket full of pictures anyway to show you what you missed. 

Apologies again for how many pictured I'll upload. *Shrugs*

A hell of a lot of work went into it which without doubt payed off in the end (: 
Make sure you check out their website and keep an eye out for any more events they are holding in the future.