Velvet Footsteps

I tried SOOOO hard not to buy anything for a a while, but I literally walked into H&M bought something and left the shop, I didn't even realize, I was in a trance! I remember seeing these boots on a girl outside my uni and omg I was so jealous you have no idea, but to scared to as her where she got them from *blushes*. When I finally held them in my arms, and they looked at me lovingly in my eyes, I had that burst of love a mother feels for her new born child; it was fate. LOOOL!

I've been steadily recovering, so I tired to keep this outfit as comfortable as possible, its as simple as you can get: T-shirt, leggings, jacket, boots, backpack. That's it.

The aim of the game is to make it look effortless, but I think jewellery plays a very big part. That's why on a daily basis I'm usually wearing about 10 rings and 4 necklaces (mad I know, but it works) oh, and I wore the necklace I bought the other day, it actually goes with anything. *thrusts*

 (Jacket- Thrifted, T-Shirt- Thrifted, Leggings- American Apparel, Boots- H&M, Backpack- Primark/DIY)

 (I just threw a little bleach all over the bag to spice it up a bit, and to make it look less 'Primarky')
 L O V E A T F I R S T S I G H T

I couldn't help it, they were so beautiful.