OOARD: Road Watch

Haven't done an Outfit Of A Random Day post in a few days so I thought why not do it again? Quite different this time around because my sister actually took the pictures of me at night- Thank God for a sexy Canon 600D with a 50mm that is good with lighting *wipes forehead*, and omg we actually went into the middle of a busy road to take pictures, like busy! As soon as the road cleared, we'd run into the middle of it, start snapping away, wait until a car was a few meters away then run off to the pavement, all in the space of about 15 seconds. A thrill? definitely, exactly my kinda style. 

For all of those who are wondering  how I got my hair so big, its actually crimped (without crimpers). So easy but can be a bit time consuming:
- Wet/dampen your hair (the night before)
- Braid your hair all over your head; the smaller the braid, the frizzier it will become and vice versa
- Before removing the braids, use a straightener over each of them individually, this will hold the 'kinks' in for longer, I think. 

That's it, oh your hair WILL get bigger throughout the day so make sure you carry like an anti-frizz cream/oil/etc or something that will control the volume...do it if you dare!

Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge, T-Shirt- Thrifted, Checkered Shirt- Thrifted, Jeans- Primark, Converse- Office

Have to do this more, going to become a nightcrawler. 
Beep Beep