So this was soooo weird for me, I've been pressured into making videos for so long but I continued to refuse because I didn't feel like I was ready (I still kinda don't but hey hoe, I need to start somewhere). Anyways you can now see I don't have my giant high bun anymore so like I mentioned in the last post that I made a YouTube video on it so...Here it is!

Omg, this will be the 1st time a lot of you guys will hear my voice (which apparently doesn't match my appareance) and you will see my real hair too hahahahaha! *Runs under rock*

Hope you like itttttt!

Sorry about the horrific still, YouTube hates me already )':

Fingers crossed this actually helps you, I'm sure it will, I actually managed to do my high bun in less than 7 minutes :P

And this is the first video I've ever put on my blog too, wow.

More videos to come!
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